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Ukrainian Archive Company

Ukrainian Archive Company is a multi-profile special purpose company professionally dealing in records management complying with the standards and rules of the applicable laws. Over the 7 years of operation the company has become a leader in the field of archiving the documents, storing the documents, destroying the documents, digitizing the documents and creating electronic databases and documents.

Costs reduction and optimizing of the process! 7 year experience in processing the loyalty programs' data! In-house data entering and processing software!

What we do

Ukrainian Archive Company provides a turnkey solution for collecting and processing marketing information form the loyalty programs applied by the retail chains and any other companies, collecting personal data of their customers.

Collection of the paper questionnaires at the outlets.

We provide collection of questionnaires and documents for the purpose of storing and entering data covering any number of collection sites and any territory. Over 1000 collections of questionnaires per month! We receive the batches of questionnaires within two days!

Receiving questionnaires for processing

We provide centralized receipt of the questionnaires' batches at our repository. We check the batches for completeness, meeting the delivery timelines, make up a register of the received questionnaires' batches. Where necessary, we contact the collection sites to check for the batch dispatch. The clients receive the registers.

Scanning the questionnaires

Most of the loyalty programs questionnaires are scanned using the sheetfed scanners. The clients may at any time apply the scanned questionnaires base with no need to take out the original questionnaire from the repository. Automation of the file names by bar codes and cards' numbers.

Data entry

Data entering operators create databases filling in the predefined fields with the data obtained form the questionnaires. We employ full-time operators only! On-line control over data entering correctness. The data is entered both offline and online directly into the program of our clients.

Data entering software

We use a customized program for entering and processing any kinds of data. The program provides for prompt entering of data both at the individual workstation and via the web-interface. Data export into any system, data processing and sorting using ad-hoc analyzing module. Using built-in directories.

Marketing interviews data entering

Using experience in processing the loyalty programs our company also renders the services in the field of Marketing interviews and researches. A big data array, variety of replies and extensive text comments imply special approach to managing and implementing such projects.

Personal Data Directories

We have processed the personal data of more than 5 million customers of the retail chains! Directories containing correct geographical names, names of people, names and breeds of animals, make of motor vehicles, emails and other details minimize the errors made when entering the data and ensure the highest possible quality of the personal databases.

Packing and further storage of the questionnaires

Once processed the batches of questionnaires are packed into the archive boxes. The questionnaires are deposited to our repository in line with the batches registers, allowing quick search for the questionnaire original. The questionnaire original are made available within 3 to 24 hours.

Our clients get a readymade electronic database containing personal details. Such database is suit for further marketing activities.

Your business and your needs are always more than the readymade box solutions! Let us develop a customized offer for you earmarked for processing your loyalty program’s data! We guarantee that the price will be lower and the quality will be higher than you face now!

Що ви отримуєте?

  • The time tested solutions to manage the procedure of your loyalty program processing!

  • Reduction OF Costs and processing time!

  • Dramatic improvement in the quality of your clients' personal details!

  • You get reliable data only, all the rest is our problem.

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Приклад реалізації проекту


“COLINS” Fashionable clothes stores chain


Managing collection of the questionnaires for the chain's loyalty program and providing a readymade database of the client's personal details for further processing thereof.


Reduction of the clients' costs for collection, processing and further storage of loyalty programs' questionnaires. Optimizing the business processes inside the company, speeding up the readymade data receipt for further processing, release of own stuff, improving the data quality due to the professional entering and the database creation.

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Відгуки наших клієнтів

  • The hallmark of cooperating with Ukrainian Archive Company LLC is high professional level and self-discipline of the company’s staff.

  • Ukrainian Archive Company LLC has been actively and successfully dealing with our company since 2013, providing full range of services in the field of entering and processing the loyalty programs' data.

  • Over the long period of our cooperation the company has proved to be a reliable and steady partner, providing a flexible approach to the Customer's needs, being highly responsive and reliable, never failing to meet the deadlines applicable to processing the loyalty programs' data.

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